Concrete Admixtures arranged in alphabetical order
Concrete Admixtures arranged in alphabetical order


Economical release agents for the universal use in concrete applications

Item No. 1336/D


VORMIOL EMM6 is an economical form release agent for the universal use in concrete applications. The product is suitable for precast and pipe concrete as well as for construction sites.

The high-efficient product is versatile and allows the application on the following substrates:
  • Steel forms and moulds
  • Plastic forms and moulds
  • Wooden forms and moulds

The special formulation is suitable for concretes with high visual requirements and provides the following benefits:
  • Reduced sticking of concrete
  • Ideal for visual demanding surfaces
  • Easy application with can accelerate the production process
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ready-to-use product
  • Easy handling

The sensitive product formulation preserves the boards and moulds. This can result in an enhanced durability and increased shelf life.


VORMIOL EMM6 works chemically/physically. It provides very good adhesion to the formwork and simplifies the separation between concrete and the formwork.


Depending on the surface structure and its absorbing abilities the necessary amount might vary between 60 – 240 g/m2 and has to be determined for each single application.

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