Concrete Admixtures, Plasticizers, Superplasticizers, Air entraining admixtures, CURING, MOWILITH, foam forming agents
Concrete Admixtures, Plasticizers, Superplasticizers, Air entraining admixtures, CURING, MOWILITH, foam forming agents


For Ready-Mix, Precast & Manufactured Concrete Products

Admixtures are our core competence. We are producing specially designed product systems for the different application areas ready-mix concrete, precast and manufactured concrete products.

We are specialised in manufacturing admixtures. Whether for ready-mix, precast or manufactured concrete products:  We deliver especially designed product systems and solutions for various application areas.


Regardless of what specific concrete properties are required - with the special admixture system for ready-mix concrete and Ha-Be’s application service, customers are able to meet the defined technical requirements efficiently. Our product range includes traditional PANTARHIT®; plasticisers, and superplasticisers, as well as high performance superplasticisers of the latest PCE-technology. They ensure long slump retention, improve the workability, and increase compaction in concrete with low water/ cement ratios. Therefore, manufacturers, contractors, and applicators achieve an economical and a technical benefit.


Admixtures for the precast industry have to cope with the efficient production process on the one hand, and the improved surface requirements on the other one.
Our special formulated high performance superplasticisers, named PANTARHIT®, meet all the requirements: Even at low temperatures and without external heat, they ensure a high strength, particularly at early age. In doing so, the PANTARHIT® product reduces stripping time. In conjunction with an optimised compaction, production expenditure can be reduced and productivity enhanced. The VORMIOL line includes form-release and cleaning agents that ensure an easy and clean release of precast elements, and high-quality surfaces with less and minimised air bubbles.


Paving stones, slabs and masonry blocks – most of the manufactured concrete products are being pressed and compacted. These products are manufactured within a highly efficient production process by having short cycle times and a good quality consistency.
Ha-Be’s special ANTIPOR® plasticisers meet these requirements. They improve workability, increase the early strength, prevent concrete’s adhesion/sticking to the ram, and shorten cure times. In addition, they achieve a homogeneous, dense and smooth vertical structure that enhances concrete’s visual attraction.

In short: ANTIPOR® supports the proficient production of high-quality and durable concrete products.

Wet cast mixes on the other hand use considerably more water than the semi-dry process and are generally a through mix of the finished face. Therefore, the mix design is especially critical to the manufacturing process and the finished appearance. Our high performance superplasticisers PANTARHIT® have been especially developed to show a strong plasticising effect, minimise the compaction energy applied to concrete, and to ensure a high early strength. The good strength development may reduce curing times and improve productivity.

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