The Ha-Be Middle East Guidelines


We at Ha-Be manufacture concrete admixtures, surface protection systems and concrete colours for the international concrete industry. We are working in more than ten different locations worldwide to vitalise the slogan „Making Good Concrete Better“.


We are constantly upholding and striving to practice our defined organisational values that describe our company as we want it to be. We at Ha-Be do business by:
> Respecting and valuing our employees, customers, and suppliers and creating and keeping a workplace that is open, welcome and respectful to all of them.
> Communicating openly, honestly and transparently.
> Taking personal accountability, being decisive, using judgment and common sense, empowering others
> Ensuring a consistent and positive approach in our work through the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff
> Protecting our impartiality that guarantees no predisposition in our work or in our dealings with business and public alike
> Recognising the importance, and encouraging the continuous honing of our technical expertise


We are convinced that long-term success is only possible with sustainable products. Therefore, we consider not only the economic, but also social and especially environmental factors in our product development. Many of our products are already a contribution to a sustainable and efficient use of concrete. By developing customised formulations, solving concrete technological challenges and offering extended customer service, we will further increase our technological concrete expertise. We strive to provide the highest quality products, service, support and solutions to the concrete industry by developing and improving our products and services continuously.



The concrete industry requires concrete manufacturers to produce products of high quality and durability more than ever before. We assist our customers with meeting all requirements for the ready-mix and precast concrete manufacturing as well as for underground tunnelling construction. Therefore, and in line with the German company principles, Ha-Be has established a local management structure and a quality management system in the Middle East that provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance and comprises experienced technical and concrete industry personnel. This team is available for information and advice to clients, specifying authorities, and consulting engineers. The high standard principles and procedures, established and proven over many years in Germany, have been adapted and  transferred to the Middle East operations. These fully documented systems cover quality  control of raw materials and finished products, production process monitoring, technical services and customer care. Ha-Be Middle East is committed to meeting or even exceeding customer and regulatory requirements regarding the research, development, manufacturing, packaging, testing, supplying and marketing of all its products. To us, quality means consistently satisfying requirements and expectations by delivering products and services of the highest value in a timely manner. Therefore, we commit to:
> Continuous quality and improvement
> Reliable products and on-time delivery that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations
> Highest regard for the safety and health of employees and the protection of the general public


Our commitments shall be achieved by:
> Compliance with all applicable statutory laws, regulations and standards governing all aspects of our business, including research, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of our pro ducts and services
> Provision of training and equipment to our employees
> Continous evaluation and improvement of our operations, setting and reviewing objectives and targets
> Conduct of formal audits and maintenance of third party certification to ISO 9001:2015
> Engagagement of only reputable, qualified individuals or firms as employees, suppliers, consultants, agents, representatives or distributors under compensation arrangements that are reasonable in relation to the services performed
> Reinforcement of our overall commitment to quality and ethical business practices and behavior, at every level of our company

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