Polypropylene Fibres, Micro and macro fibres for concrete, steel fibre
Polypropylene Fibres, Micro and macro fibres for concrete, steel fibre

Ha-Be PP-Fibre 20 μm

High performance polypropylene fibre for controlling concrete’s crack formation

Item No. 4506/D


Ha-Be PP-Fibre 20 μm is an ultra-fine, synthetic fibre especially designed for crack controlling in cementitious construction materials.

The high performance fibre optimises concrete’s resistance to crack formation by supporting its resilience to plastic shrinkage, early drying and temperature changes.

Application range
The fibres are suitable for ready-mix, precast and shotcrete, screeds and mortar. Typical application areas are:
  • Concrete applied in underground constructions (shotcrete and segmental lining)
  • Foundations and basement
  • Pavements, slabs and floors
  • Precast concrete elements
  • Screed and mortar

Ha-Be PP-Fibre 20 μm provides the following benefits and advantages:
  • Improved resistance against cracks
  • No corrosion
  • Disperse uniformly throughout the mix
  • Improved impact and abrasion resistance
  • Impervious to alkali attack
  • Reduced construction time and labour


Having good dispersing properties Ha-Be PPFibre 20 μm can be dispersed easily, homogeneously and three-dimensionally throughout the fresh concrete.

The degree of fibre finesse and its frequency attains a homogeneous stress spread in concrete and minimises shrinkage and stress cracks significantly.


General dosage recommendation: 0.6 – 2.0 kg/m3.

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