Concrete Admixtures arranged in alphabetical order
Concrete Admixtures arranged in alphabetical order


Economical water resisting admixture acc. to DIN EN 934-2 for watertight concrete

Item No. 2291


DURAHIT® WP 107 (DM) is an economical waterproofing agent designed for increasing water impermeability in durable concrete projects.

The water resisting admixture decreases concrete’s capillary water absorption and is therefore especially suitable for concrete that is temporarily or permanently exposed to water. Typical applications are:
  • Swimming pools and reservoirs
  • Sewage and water treatment plants
  • Foundations, Basements floors and walls
  • Precast elements
  • Water retaining constructions
  • Drainage constructions
  • Reinforced concrete constructions in marine environment

The waterproofing agent achieves a very effective protection mechanism which provides the following benefits:
  • Improved water impermeability
  • Increased durability
  • Decreased steel corrosion
  • Enhanced resistance against visual deficiently signs like effloresces

DURAHIT® WP 107 (DM) advances concrete’s longterm performance and can make a contribution to ecological sustainability.


DURAHIT® WP 107 (DM) is a special admixture composition which combines multiple advantages for concrete:
Primarily, it enables a controlled entrainment of micro air voids that interrupt the capillary suction and reduces the water uptake significantly.

Moreover, DURAHIT® WP 107 (DM) allows the following benefits:
  • Reduction of tempering water
  • Increase of workability
  • Improvement of setting, pumping and placing abilities


Recommended dosage range 0.2 – 1.4 mass-% of the cement content.

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